Aligning Yourself With Your Work

You always know when something is not jiving, when things are not in Aligning.

You know this because you are always passing through center on a seesaw but never actually hitting center. It’s a struggle, and you are never quite sure why you always feel blocked or stuck riding the recurrent wave. It’s because you are not working with your authentic self. This is what was happening to me. I was pushing back on something that I should have been flowing with but wasn’t. I knew I had to spread my wings and expand if I wanted to up-level and take my business with me. Aligning

When I said finally said YES, and stopped trying to control everything, slowly the seesaw got a little closer to center. Every time I looked fear in the eye and said, No, I am going to do it, fear fell a few more steps back letting up on some of the pressure that was holding me down. The seesaw slowly became more level. I was able to start walking along more steadily and confidently. A little wobbly at times, but such is on this journey. However, instead of always being all the way up or all the way down the extremes were getting smaller and smaller. Aligning

What I am learning is that there is no true balance, you learn to find your own authentic and aligned center.

This is when I knew that what I did and what I do and stand for fell into place. I was able to walk like a gymnast on a balance beam gracefully putting one foot in front of the other. I finally practice fully what I preach, teach and lead because what I use and what I do are in alignment. I am all in and ready to share fully my whole business. Aligning

What I have learned is that looking like you walk the walk and actually walking the walk are two completely different things. When you just look like you walk the walk, that is when you feel heavy, and off. When you actually walk the walk, the load is so much lighter and you move more freely flowing with grace and ease! Aligning

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