Lessons Learned On the Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat: Sometimes you just gotta do what you don’t want to do.

I know that this sounds harsh, but it was something that I needed to be reminded of today. As I began my practice my intention was to light my inner fire, I wanted to engage and target the core to draw strength and endurance not only into my practice but all aspects of my life where I felt that I was needing it. I felt that with all of the changes that I have been making lately with regards to my athletic performance and energy levels, keeping my momentum going and driving that inner spirit fire, this would be an appropriate intention and focus. yoga mat.

The first sequence challenged me right of the bat. It challenged me because while, I do have a strong core, I know that I do not challenge it the way that it should be. With arm balances right out the gate, I had to tap into that area more than ever and it was difficult maintaining that positive momentum and drive to continue. But, seeing as that was my intention for the practice I dug a little deeper and held on tight engaging the non-muscular components of the core such as drive and motivation, and inner fire just as much if not more than the muscular components.yoga mat.

So not only were my abs burning ,but my soul was being tested as well. Initially, I did not even want to continue, I just did not want to tackle it. However, once I stoked the fire and moved past the I can’t and I don’t want too’s I was able to at least eek out some semblance of each of the balances increasing my confidence, motivation and drive to want to continue.

When I am off the mat, I find myself remembering those moments on the mat when I was not feeling like I could even eek out something sort of like an arm balance.

I think about how now I am able to at least put forth some semblance of the pose and how eventually with continued motivation, drive and effort, I will be able to do the pose to my fullest expression. The same holds true for my business. yoga mat.

When I do not want to write a blog post. The idea of it can be a bit overwhelming but I know that the anxiety is being caused by my fears and not my lack of ambition or drive. I know that if I want to accomplish a blog post I must dig into my inner fire and remember that I have the ability to put together two words to make a sentence thus creating a blog post when it is all said and done.

Just like when I am on the yoga mat, I can take a deep breath and reach in for that motivation to create without judgement and fear. What I find is that when I am perplexed by not wanting to do something it is not out of lack of ambition but an over abundance of fear that I will not be successful.

However, just with my arm balances on the mat, I take baby steps daily to get closer to my goal and I need to do the same whether it be an arm balance, a blog post, content creation, or just being visible online to create presence. yoga mat.

Sometimes it is a hard pill to swallow but it has to be done and it will be done. Sometimes we have to do things that we do not want to do in order to be successful and in order to thrive in life.

I encourage you to take time at each practice and when you come upon a pose or place where you feel you do not want to continue. Take a deep breath and try to understand why you are feeling this way. What is holding you back from finding true success? If it is fear, then I encourage you to find ways to over come it. Whether it be thinking of a time you over came something else that at the moment you thought you could not do, or if it is just stepping away from the situation and writing out what is making you feel a certain way. yoga mat.

Fan your inner fire and tap into the drive and motivation that had you start your quest in the first place. Part of being successful and getting what we truly want asks us to do things we might not enjoy or not want to do. Let go of the can’ts and beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your greatness. I am learning that the following Yoga Sutra to be true:

“To achieve a strong foundation in our practice we must practice over and over a long period of time without interruption, believing in it and looking forward to it with an attitude of service” 1.14


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