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New Energy: The one thing I never thought I would have to worry about is my energy levels. I was so used to running circles going to bed and doing it again that I felt like it was boundless. It was wonderful, I felt like Wonder Woman. I felt like I could do anything and achieve anything, and then I didn’t.

It’s like one day I woke up, and it was gone. I could not understand it. At first I attributed it to being a new mother. Not getting enough sleep, always being on alert and just all the new stuff that came along with being a new mom. I figured once I started sleeping a bit more and I got into a routine, I would start to feel more like myself energy.

Three months passed, six months, a year, nothing. I was back to working again, my daughter was sleeping through the night, I was eating healthfully, and I was exercising regularly. I should have been feeling more energized, yet daily I woke up feeling as if I could sleep longer, the days dragged on and I was always tired and I was hungry all the time.

I decided that I needed to do something but I was not sure what. So I started with the basics going to bed a bit earlier, getting into a routine where after the baby got settled to bed, I went and relaxed. I added more fruit and vegetables to my diet for vitamins and minerals. I increased the protein in take to help satiate my hunger. It worked for a little while, but then the feeling wore off.

I decided to try a program that a friend of mine was doing, it was a vitamin supplement that was supposed to fill in the gap from what I was missing from my regular food intake. My energy levels increased a little bit but I was still hungry all the time and I really saw no significant changes after a month of being on the vitamin. I needed something more. I needed something that was comprehensive, well rounded and could help me stay on track with my health and fitness energy.

Not long after I had decided what I wanted, I was introduced to Isagenix. A nutritional supplement company that seemed to have everything that I was looking for, but when something has what you are looking for, you know the first thing that comes to mind is that it has to be too good to be true. For another almost eight months, I avoided the conversation with the woman who introduced it to me, but I stayed in touch with her to learn more quietly and just energy.

Finally, being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I decided it was time to do something. So I went over to the Isagenix website and took a look around. I picked out a few things that I thought, I might like and pushed send. The woman who I had originally talk to saw that I had made a purchase and she contacted me. We chatted a bit and I said I like the stuff, but I was not sure if it was really making all the difference.

That was when she explained to me that I really needed to follow the system. I hesitated. I did not want to lose weight, I didn’t need to lose weight. Then she explained to me that I would not really lose much if I had nothing to lose. That if I followed the system, I would be resetting my body and clearing it of toxins and refilling myself with nutrient rich products that would help to increase my energy. A few days later I purchased my first pack. new energy.

Three days later, I was sleeping better. More soundly. Five days later, I noticed that my energy levels were elevated through the course of the day. I felt better. Nine days later, I lost that bloated feeling that I had gotten used to and figured was normal. A month later, I started to develop real muscle tone ( I could see the nice shape of my muscles in my arms with out having to flex) and I had definition in my abdominal area, something that no matter how much I trained, I never was able to accomplish. So not only was I feeling better but I was looking better and it was then that I realized that I had finally found what I was looking for.

It has been three almost four months now, and my energy level has been staying up. I feel like I can take on the day like I used to, before I became a mom. I no longer feel like I am dragging and pushing my way through my day. I wish eight months ago, a little bug had whispered in my ear that Isagenix was definitely not going to be too good to be true. That Isagenix was going to be the solution to my dilemma of lacking energy and not only that it would fortify my over all health in general. I am so grateful that I met the women who introduced me to Isagenix and I am lucky to now call her a friend. She gave me the tools I needed to finally feel like wonder woman again and be the mom, wife and now business owner that I have always wanted to be.

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