Too Tired to Exercise ?

This morning started at 4:30 am with the alarm clock ringing by my side I reached over to turn it off and began to start my day. Too Tired to Exercise
Breakfast check, coffee check, bag packed check. Out the door and on the road to my first shift. At 8:30 am I am off again to another destination. With each progressing hour, I get a little more heavy eyed. By 10:00 am I am back home for a break and ready to crash. No, I can’t, not yet anyways, I still have to get my cardio session in.

Even as a personal trainer I find myself lacking the motivation to put in the time. However, I know it’s important so I catch up on some email pay a few bills and then make my way over to the bike to log in my time. Too Tired to Exercise.

Thirty minutes, that’s nothing, I can do this easy. I start pedaling the bike and that first revolution feels like I had never set foot on the machine before, ugh this is gonna be the longest half hour ever.I know I have to be back to work in two hours so I continue pedaling along feeling the sweat dripping from my forehead, I begin to pick up speed. I start moving faster and each revolution gets just a bit easier.

No longer do my legs feel like lead and Im keeping a good clip. I get a second wind and before I know it the timer beeps and I am done. I sit there a minute, tired but invigorated because I pushed through and accomplished what I had said I would do. I was excited that I held myself accountable and completed what I set out to do. Too Tired to Exercise.

The second half of my day also moved along much quicker because I felt good. I had energy to get things done. Was I tired at the end of my day, yes, but was it in vain? Absolutely not!!

I would take this kind of tired any day knowing that it was because I worked fitness into my day and it gave me the boost I needed. I am a well deserved tired and for that, now I can take a little rest and feel good about my decision! Too Tired to Exercise.

What I am trying to say is that it is possible to do things you didn’t think you could do. Seriously, I thought I would rather sit on the couch this morning than sweat it out on the bike it just seemed to be too much work. I didn’t sit the morning away though, and you don’t have to either! Too Tired to Exercise.

You too can get up, tie your shoes and get to working out even if its for a half hour like me, do it you will be proud you did and your body will thank you later! Have a great day!

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