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Have you ever had one of those days where every time you tried a challenging yoga pose you seem to miss falling on your face by mere inches? It’s frustrating right? There are days when I just want to say forget it, its not worth the effort.

I have been working on arm balances lately, learning to distribute weight evenly has been one of those things that I seem to have the most trouble with. The funny thing about arm balances, and yoga in general, is how much of how we deal with challenges on the mat can often mirror how we handle the challenges in life.

This is one of the reasons why I love my daily yoga practices. Each time I step onto the mat, I am presented with the opportunity to look at my patterns and take note as to whether or not they are serving me and my goals. It gives me a chance to ask myself, “how am I going to approach this?” What is making me hesitate, or feel unable to complete a pose or practice? At the moment with arm balances I know that I am not distributing my weight properly. I know that I have the strength to express the pose, I just am blocking the energy that is needed to allow myself to do it. That blockage of energy is fear. Fear of failing, fear of falling, fear of the results.

When I step on the mat, to practice, I begin with looking at my process. How do I set myself up, how do I move into the pose. I take note as to what works well and what does not. The goal is to find patterns that I keep repeating that are not serving my purpose. Just like in business. As I work on creating my empire, if I keep doing things that are hindering my business why would I want to continue doing them? Would you continue doing things that are not working for you? Do you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? I have been able to take my time on the mat to see that while, my consistency and stick-to-itness is great, approaching it from an all or nothing attitude, is not helping me to balance properly.

What I mean by this is that, while I am staying the course and working hard to accomplish a goal, I am placing all my weight in one direction and not taking into account that the energy needs to be flowing evenly through out the entire pose not just all dumped in one area. (All or nothing) While my determination to stick with it is honorable, I am not going to get to where I want with an attitude and actions that are not serving me.

Do you have areas in your life or business that you find yourself working your tail off but maybe not getting the results that you want? Do you ever take a moment to see if you are repeating patterns that are not serving you?

Today I encourage you to take a step back and take a moment on your yoga mat to observe how you approach challenges in your life and practice.

Viewing yourself from an outsiders perspective will give you the opportunity to see what exactly you are doing and what might not be in your best interest to do. Be open during this process and set an intention for your practice that allows you to fully accept all that you find. When you go in with an open mind and heart you will be more likely to find and a way that might suit you better and also make you more attuned to what you are doing that might not be working so well for you. You can take this same approach to business and life as well. Yoga is such a great tool to help us become more observant. It’s present moment practice gives us a moment to be introspective and honest with ourselves.

Today as I step on to my yoga mat, I am going to set the intention of being open minded to new ways of exploring arm balances. I am going to give myself permission to fall. I will give myself the opportunity to observe how I act and see if those actions help or hinder and find a way to let go of actions that are not allowing me to find success. I can only learn by doing and knowing how the mechanics all work together to create a master piece that is the art form of yoga poses!

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