The Law of Divine Compensation: Breakthroughs, Realizations & Enlightenment

The law of divine compensation: There was a lot of breakthroughs, revelations, and enlightenment last week. A realization I had while meditating was knowing the true value of letting my mind rest so I could see myself objectively from the outside in. Understanding vibrations and how they work together or against you, in relation to one another, as well as how they deflect the results that you want can bring about enlightenment and release of guilt.

My third letter to myself was also written last week. I have written and gave my 12 year old self one, I wrote a letter to my 16 year old self, and a letter to my 23 year old self giving myself permission to let go of thoughts and fears that I had been harboring, holding on to and allowing to manifest itself in my choice to “find” and prove myself right in regards to the things I want most, but thought I could not get. (I hope you understand). The law of divine compensation.

I understand now how I was literally sabotaging myself by justifying in my rational mind all the things that my ego sought out in my quest to justify in my rational mind all of the things that I have accomplished. In order to find what I truly desire, I had to tell my ego mind to leave me alone so that I could be quiet. In my line of work, doing things that are of value to me not so much to others, but also to myself is one of those things. My load has been lighter in a sense, as I’ve come to understand my own worth. It is worth checking out what I share and teach because I am passionate about it and I love what I do. It is not a matter of being like one of my teachers but of being me.The law of divine compensation.

The second half of last week, I had the experience of literally manifesting ideal clients, telling me things like….. “You’re the answer to my prayers”… That is EXACTLY what I have been after… “WOW, that’s perfect” and more. Normally, I do not let my tears flow easily, but this really struck a chord with me. Finally, I was able to share my passion without getting caught up in the “what if…I’m not good enough, they don’t like me, no one wants me”, etc.”.The law of divine compensation.

In reading an article this morning that hit home and solidified my resolve to continue on this journey of enlightenment, I want to share it with you.

– The Law of Divine Compensation — “To find your destiny, be as good as you can be. If you become compassionate, commit to positivity, and begin to show up for life, you will discover your calling.”

Have a fantastic week, everyone. Jules, Namaste

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