Nude Yoga – What it is and What it offers

Nude yoga – The yoga postures, also known as Asanas, have been around for 5000 years. Asanas are part of the Indian tradition of uniting the mind, body, and soul. It aims at providing you with inner peace, strength, flexibility and increases your body awareness to help you gain a state of consciousness along with a perfect spiritual insight into your own self.

The Yoga principles are a set of various principles that make up this ancient discipline. They follow this discipline constantly with the aim of gaining positive health benefits both mentally and physically, and not losing sight of the role that these principles play.

Benefits of Nude Yoga

Through Yoga you can bring your mind and body into perfect harmony as each form, style, pose, and exercise has its own individual characteristics and medical benefits. Yoga, such as naked yoga or naked meditation, works at balancing the mind, body, and spirit in its own way. The way Nude Yoga is practiced may be one of the most controversial aspects of the form, however in the eyes of ancient Yoga scriptures and practitioners, it has a very valid reason for its existence.

Nude yoga requires you to strip off your clothes as the name suggests. During the session, you are not wearing any clothes, with the intention of becoming less self-conscious and feeling at home with your body. One of the goals of Nude Yoga is for you to practice all of the Yoga exercises without being restricted by your clothes, which can sometimes be a hindrance. In addition, practicing Nude Yoga in a room full of naked yoga practitioners can be quite challenging for many people since the idea of practicing various Yoga poses without wearing clothes is completely unacceptable, as well as somewhat distracting.

Essence of Nude Yoga

If you want to experience or achieve Nude Yoga’s true essence, you need to be able to get past discomfort and distraction. Any self-conscious feeling you may have about your body must be erased, and you must accept your own nakedness and that of others as a natural act. The ability to accept yourself regardless of your flaws or perfections must be a part of your self-acceptance. It is vital that you use all your mental, physical, and spiritual faculties without self-doubt as your sole goal. In any case, Nude Yoga is not recommended for people that are voyeuristic and take pleasure in seeing the naked body of other people, as it is not intended to give you any sexual experience. It is actually an art of accepting myself and my surroundings in their pure forms and bringing your mind into the present moment while practicing.

Contestant Vivek Mishra on nude yoga for Bigg Boss 7: “I was taken aback”

Although Bigg Boss fans will have to wait until next year for the show to return to television screens, the show will be available online to entertain fans. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Bigg Boss OTT lately, with Karan Johar set to host the show. There haven’t been any official announcements on the contestants but many names are making the rounds across the Internet. According to Vivek Mishra, who was approached for Bigg Boss 7 but turned down the show due to the makers’ request, he would have had to perform nude yoga.

According to reports, Vivek was approached for the Bigg Boss OTT and asked to do nude or semi-nude yoga. Upon learning of the same, Vivek explained that he was not looking forward to such an opportunity.

In an interview with ETimes, Vivek commented, “I was offered a role as an OTT director, and I would do nude yoga or semi-naked yoga as a way to spice up the content.”. Hearing that surprised me. Five former contestants are needed to add some spice. As someone who has experienced nude yoga, I cannot understand why I would perform it to add to a pioneer reality show. To do that would be inappropriate and too expensive for me. They asked if I would do this for them for Rs 50 lakhs a day. I said yes.

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